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Lean Frontiers – What we do and why…


Involve Everyone…

Lean is a business model, so it only makes sense that EVERYONE in the business understand that model. Too often those in Accounting, HR, IT, Product Development, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, and even Executive Leadership don’t understand lean thinking. So Lean Frontiers offers learning opportunities in the form of Summits, workshops, and webinars on the subjects of…

  • Lean Accounting
  • Lean HR
  • Lean Sales and Marketing
  • Lean IT
  • Lean Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Lean Product Development

Give Them Critical Skills…

We also recognize that organizations are missing important values, thinking, and behaviors that sustain a lean transformation. To address these gaps, we offer learning opportunities around the following…

  • Toyota Kata: Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata
  • Lean Coaching
  • Training Within Industry (TWI): Job Instruction, Job Methods, Job Relations
  • Executive Leadership & Leadership Development
  • Lean & Green: Compression Thinking
  • Lean for Good: The heart and soul of the people and the organization

What we DON’T do…

We don’t do consulting. We run world-class learning opportunities for those in a lean enterprise. At any Lean Frontiers event you will be learning from those who “wrote the book” on any given subject (in many cases, literally wrote the book). Look at the list of presenters of any Summit, workshop or webinar and you’ll find a Who’s Who of lean practitioners.