Annual Summits
Meet the world's top thought leaders and network with peers at our larger Summits (100-500 participants).
Regional workshops provide hands-on learning in smaller groups with lean's biggest names (15-40 participants).
Convenient, Live and On-Demand webinars for the flexibility to learn with others or on your own.

Introducing Lean Leadership Week

October 5-9  |  Jacksonville, FL


A New Generation of Lean Leader

Lean thinking has matured over the past couple of decades with dramatic contributions from those early pioneers. Today, there’s an awakening among a new generation of lean leader. At Lean Frontiers, we call them Everyday Innovators. They can’t help but to improve. All day. Every day. They are driven for improvement in themselves, their teams, their organizations, and their world.

These leaders are found in HR, Accounting, Sales, Operations, and across the entire organization and they are asking, “What’s MY role in the lean enterprise?” and “How can I best contribute?”

What we do

We provide Everyday Innovators with access to lean’s top thought leaders. This access comes at large conferences that we call Summits, regional workshops, and webinars. Each of these events are laser-focused for specific audiences within the lean enterprise. These events cover topics like Lean Accounting, TWI, Lean HR, Lean Sales, Lean Coaching, Lean Product Development, Lean Supply Chain, and Lean IT.

Thousands of Everyday Innovators have taken part in these signature events…

  • Lean Accounting Summit
  • TWI Summit
  • Lean Coaching Summit
  • Lean HR Summit
  • Kata Summit
  • Lean IT Summit
  • Lean Sales and Marketing Summit
  • Lean Logistics Summit
  • Lean and Green Summit