The Lean Strategy

Presented By:

Orry Fiume

Session Abstract:

Most companies approach lean as a cost reduction program.  Although they may achieve some short-term gains, the gains are a fraction of what they could be and generally are not long lasting.  However, those companies that recognize lean as a complete strategy achieve competitive advantages that yield substantial financial gains.  During this session, Orry Fiume will describe the difference between traditional and lean strategic thinking, based on a new book, The Lean Strategy, that he co-authored with Dan Jones, Michael Balle and Jacques Chaize.  There will also be a drawing for two signed copies of this book.

About the Facilitator:

Orest (Orry) Fiume is the retired CFO and Director of The Wiremold Company. Orry led Wiremold’s conversion to lean accounting in 1991 and went on to install lean accounting at more than 20 Wiremold acquisitions.  He is co-author of the 2004 Shingo Prize winning book “Real Numbers: Management Accounting in a Lean Organization” and co-author of the book “The Lean Strategy”, published in June 2017.