Go to Gemba.

Going to where the work is done is crucial for any leader in the lean enterprise. Here’s your opportunity to visit the Gemba of several outstanding lean organizations during Lean Frontiers, Inc. Beer & Pizza Tour: Lean Management System. Not simply to see WHAT they do, but WHY! What is the learning that went into their current management systems?

Step away from your day-to-day work, immerse yourself in creative lean environments, interact with and learn from your peers, and let the full experience inspire you and your company to deeper levels of lean thinking and practice.


Who You’ll Meet

Your Tour Captain will be world-renowned lean thought leader, author, speaker, and coach, Bill Waddell. He will provide insights and commentary throughout the tour, tying together various elements of the lean management system demonstrated in each company.

Meet senior executives at each company tour stop and learn from their first-hand experiences… successes and failures!

Former Toyota Manager, Steve Ansuini, will introduce you to what he learned from his years at Toyota and introduce you to a powerful Lean Simuation tool developed by the Toyota/GM partnership at NUMMI. You’ll get hands-on experience building “truck cabs” complete with lean tools, team interactions, and leadership skills.

Your tour hosts include several members of the Lean Frontiers Team, including Jim Huntzinger, author of several books on Lean Accounting, TWI, and Lean Economics.

Why Beer & Pizza?

The name captures the spirit of the tour, NOT your week-long diet! While your accommodations, transportation, and dining will feature high quality options, picture an authentic, casual experience with your peers, touring real companies, all highlighting various elements of a lean management system. You’ll likely get to know your fellow travelers in a way that carries on beyond the tour, developing a life-long lean learning network as you seek to apply all that you experience.

The Beer & Pizza Tour: Lean Management System
is another Lean Frontiers, Inc. event designed to create a community of learners in the lean enterprise.