Corporate Strategy Kata

Presented By:

Barbara Clayton & Jenny Snow-Boscolo

Session Abstract:

The kata method is applied to drive our corporate initiative for commercial excellence in multiple segments world-wide. The purpose of sharing this effort is to show the evolution of how we went from an initiative that was not clear to something that teams could work on, the structure used, progression, and current status. Background A consultant group assessed the current systems and how they are impacting customer response and satisfaction. They identified gaps in different areas to address. The Commercial Excellence initiative was very general and we struggled to define it and how to approach it in each segment. We broke down the gaps into prioritized projects, assigned a lead and coach, and began applying the kata method to work towards meeting the strategic initiative. This started with defining the overall challenge for the initiative, selecting four areas to focus on and define the challenge in each of those areas. From there we defined current condition, set targets, and experimented. We created a “kata wall” structure that each project would follow, set a regular cadence for weekly meetings at the project level and executive level. In this way we’ve also integrated the daily management system for our initiative into the kata approach via tiered meetings.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • Describe how the kata method can be applied to align multiple activities to a corporate strategic initiative
  • Explain how the kata method supports the daily management structure and communication through all levels of the organization
  • Describe how effective the kata method is when working with different project teams in different physical locations

About the Facilitator:

Barb Clayton is a Sr. Lean Leader at Genie a Terex brand. Ten of her 11 years at Genie have focused on improving processes, developing visual controls, and applying scientific thinking to achieve goals in the business environment. This includes leading cross functional teams in different countries to improve customer responsiveness in areas like customer service, IT, HR, Finance, and Engineering. Barb’s degree in Instructional Design and over 20 years of experience in business administration enhance her focus on continuous improvement in the business office. The past three years have incorporated applying the kata scientific method, coaching, and delivering training to build kata learners and coaches. Developing and implementing strategies to exceed customer expectations is her primary focus.

Jenny Snow-Boscolo is the Sr. Director of Customer Support & Business Planning at AWP. She is currently responsible for Customer Service, Commercial Analytics & Production Control, and AWP Commercial Excellence which includes sales operations support and pricing analytics. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering and has worked in manufacturing for 20 years. She began working at Genie 17 years ago as a manufacturing engineer and has worked in many different parts of the organization with an emphasis on inventory management and large scale system improvements. This includes international experience establishing a lean office in Germany and developing the Production Control System for our factory in China. She also led various lean teams supporting administrative functions like customer service.