There Goes Another Bus!!

Presented By:

Sarah Kolekamp & Heather Toppen

Session Abstract:

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s has been practicing Kata since January 2015. Over the past two and a half years we have grown in the number active boards from 2 to 25! Needless to say, we have experienced some growing pains and missed the bus (metaphorically) more than once. During this presentation we will share the success our teams have experienced using kata to make incremental process improvements, some of our most valuable lessons learned and what Mercy Health is doing to scientifically grow more capable and competent learners and coaches.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • There is joy in the journey. It is unlikely all will go as planned, but better to start now than wait. What happens will be interesting and engaging.
  • Kata for your kata is a must-you have to strive to improve the way you do kata!
  • Kata sticks-you can not unknow what you have learned and this will change the way you problem solve and it works for all problems, big and small.

About the Facilitator:

Sarah Kolekamp is a Senior Process Excellence Consultant with Mercy Health. She has been in her role for 6 years and has had the pleasure of working in a wide variety of hospital departments with Seniors leaders, directors, managers and frontline. Sarah’s passion lies in facilitating the reduction of the human struggle for Mercy Health colleagues. Outside of work Sarah enjoys running, reading and spending time with her family.

Heather Toppen has been learning, practicing, teaching, coaching “Lean” for 20 years. Her learning began in various manufacturing industries all over the country with formal training in the Toyota Production System (TPS) at the Toyota Supplier Support Center (TSSC) under the tutelage of Japanese sensei Mr. Hajime Ohba. She has a strong background in developing and facilitating the implementation of systems designed to instill lean philosophy and principles to audiences ranging from front line associates to senior leadership. Heather transitioned to healthcare in 2011. Her passion is in serving people by partnering with them to reach their highest potential. She is an active mother of 3 children: Lucy, Finn and Zeke.