Kata Alignment – Up/Down & Side-to-Side

Presented By:

Rob Pease

Session Abstract:

A journey of how one organization is getting real traction with scientific thinking. A discussion about how you build team capability. Then expansion to a value stream loop(s). Finally striving for the vertical alignment from the top to the bottom of an organization. To expand and become more capable time and training for the coaches is needed. During the expansion of kata the focus on desired behaviors for the learners and coaches will also be discussed. With an examples of how we are dealing with the various levels of growth.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • How to create a culture of kata thinking
  • Why focus should be given to the coaches
  • How to start and successfully build desired behaviors for the roles within kata

About the Facilitator:

Rob Pease is an organizational second coach, daily kata practitioner, kata/improvement manager, lean champion for over a decade, 6-sigma black belt, graduate student at Central Michigan University in Organizational Change Leadership, father of two teenage boys, and husband of 18 years.