SkillPoint for the
Lean Management System

March 28-29, 2018
, IN (hosted by Aluminum Trailer Company)


Learning at an Actual Company…

Most organizations struggle to learn the lessons of actual operation and development of how to change actions and behaviors to result in a lean culture and implement a lean operation in their organization.  Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC) is one of those rare gems that have continually improved and evolved as a lean enterprise along their journey.  They have greatly enhanced their business and financial success and have accelerated their success by adopting a Lean Management System which both ties their business and lean efforts together, and drives improvement faster and more comprehensively to meet their strategic objectives.  Join in their implementation, daily work, and learn from their Coach, Joe Murli, who as the Director of Operations led his company to win the Shingo Prize for operational excellence.  Learn the Lean Management system by the infusion of a proven system at an actual organization who is successfully operating with it – and learning and improving every day from it.

President & Founder of Lean Frontiers
Jim Huntzinger

Workshop Takeaways

At the Skillpoint for the Lean Management Management System people at any level of an organization will Learn-by-Doing.  Come learn management skills and how they integrate and support the Lean Enterprise. Workshop attendees will learn:

  • The Implementation of a Lean Management System in an actual company and its operations
  • By witnessing actual team meetings used to improve, communicate and drive the business forward
  • How to integrate Leader Standard Work as the Foundation to managing a lean enterprise
  • How to develop a Foundational Understanding for an Operational Lean Management System; how it works together as well as throughout the business

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