Personal Reflections from the Coaching Kata

Presented By:

Mark Rosenthal

Session Abstract:

Since first encountering the “5 Questions” on page 247 of Toyota Kata, I have been on a personal journey of learning to be a more effective coach. Along the way I have gained some deep personal insights, made grievous mistakes, and had some great success. In this session, I will share what I have learned, what obstacle I am addressing now and my current round of personal experimentation.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • Common coaching pitfalls and possible countermeasures you might try
  • The processes we don’t usually notice that are critical to long-term success
  • How I am applying the Improvement Kata to become a more effective practitioner

About the Facilitator:

Mark Rosenthal has been learning about continuous improvement over 30 years of military, industrial, and consulting experience. He has worked with administrative as well as operational processes ranging across a diverse range of goods and services including consumer products, electronics, medical devices, aerospace, construction equipment, raw materials processing and health care. He initially learned about continuous improvement as a member of teams leading lean transformations at Boeing, Genie Industries, Eastman Kodak, and Terex. Mark publishes blog and provides expert comments to a variety of Lean communities.