SkillPoint for Kata Workshop
December 12-14, 2017
Anderson, IN (Indianapolis Area)

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SkillPoint for Kata Workshop: Transformation Starts with You!

Walk away from this workshop with the confidence, skills and knowledge to immediately begin coaching others toward their own Target Conditions. To get you there, you’ll participate in a world-class simulation where you’ll learn and immediately practice the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata, over and over again.

A Finely Tuned Workshop

These 3 ingredients make this the most effective Kata training you’ll find.

  • WORLD-CLASS SIMULATION: The workshop uses the world-class simulation created during the NUMMI years (joint venture between Toyota and GM). It’s complex, chaotic at times, with production pressures, allowing you to experience how the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata can be practiced in the flow of production. Learn how to think and act in a lean / continuous improvement environment.
  • TWI METHODOLOGY: The workshop is structured around the proven, 10-hour TWI training methodology, ensuring a consistent, methodical process for transferring knowledge and skills.  Upon successful workshop completion will receive a 10-hour Kata Certificate.
  • EXPERIENCED GUIDES: The workshop is designed, delivered, and supported through a partnership with Lean Frontiers, the TWI Institute, and the Center for Employee Development. This partnership brings experiences of focused lean training, solid instructional methodologies, and first-hand experience working with Toyota.

Workshop Takeaways

A participant in the 3-day Skillpoint for Kata Workshop will, with confidence, be able to facilitate the application of the Improvement Kata, with a focus on coaching others in experimenting towards Target Conditions.

Workshop features…

  • Kata 10 Hour Certificate through the TWI Institute
  • The workshop uses the training rigor and structure of the TWI Program
  • A combination of classroom and hands-on learning for unparalleled application of IK/CK
  • Hands-on, built-in Lean Operational Training through a world-class, real-world simulation

Workplace Impact…

  • Improved communications
  • Less firefighting, more time to improve
  • Improvements more structured, effective, and efficient
  • Increased employee engagement with improved morale
  • Improvement skills and thinking become “habit” with front line workers
  • Improved recognition of challenges
  • Workers who thrive in “unclear territory”