SkillPoint for TWI Job Instruction Workshop
April 17-20, 2018
Anderson, IN (Indianapolis Area)


Real Manufacturing Environment…

Most organizations struggle to learn the lessons of actual operation and development of how to change actions and behaviors to result in a lean culture and implement a lean operation in their organization. When I first participated in the Lean Simulation workshop I was utterly amazed at the sophistication and potential learning that simulation posed. My mind immediately began rushing with ideas of the impactful learning and lessons that could be developed and utilized to allow participants to get actual hands-on learning beyond any simulation I have seen before. I know I had to take advantage of the opportunity as so many organizations struggle with these same issues. The first thing that came into my mind was the infusion of a lean operation and TWI to directly learn and understand how these two foundations meld and work together to create a lean enterprise.

President & Founder of Lean Frontiers
Jim Huntzinger

Workshop Takeaways

With the Skillpoint for TWI Job Instruction Workshop people at any level of an organization can come and Learn-by-Doing various skills.  How to apply and use lessons learned as well as how skills and lessons integrate and support each other. Workshop attendees will learn:

  • Job Instruction 10 Hour Certificate through the TWI Institute
  • Hands-On Lean Operational Training (CLICK HERE for more information)
  • Integrating Job Instruction as the Foundation to Standard Work and Kaizen
  • Developing the Foundational Skill for Lean System & Operational Design and Culture Development