SkillPoint for Service Excellence:

Masterclass for The Toyota Way

to Service Excellence

with Jeff Liker & Karyn Ross

A SkillPoint Workshop by Lean Frontiers

Date: May 15 – 17, 2018

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Class Length: 3 Full Days, 8AM-5PM

Intended Audience: Service and Manufacturing business leaders; Continuous Improvement Leaders in both the service and manufacturing sectors.

Workshop Fee: $2,995 (includes workshop materials, lunch, snacks, and a signed copy of The Toyota Way to Service Excellence)

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Masterclass Summary

Join Dr. Jeffrey Liker and Karyn Ross as they help you understand how to adapt and apply lean thinking to achieve excellence in any service process. Their award-winning book, The Toyota Way to Service Excellence, draws on cases from health care, call centers, insurance companies, software development and more to reveal how companies are using lean in service to become industry leaders.

A powerful mix of theory, hands-on practice and site visits, this course will prepare you to bring the benefits of coaching and lean for service excellence to your company.

Course Overview

Day 1: Creating Lean Services the Toyota Way

Theory: What is service excellence? How can we achieve it? Intro to the 4Ps and 17 Principles.

Practice: Practical Learning Experience (simulation) Round 1: Grasping the Current Situation

Site Visit: Visit Menlo Innovations and see, first-hand, how they are using the 4Ps and 17 Principles to create and deliver service excellence.

Day 2: Coaching and Kata for Service Excellence

Theory: Kata and coaching approach overview. Benefits of coaching to develop people and align organizational problem-solving and learning.

Practice: Practical Learning Experience Rounds: Practice applying kata and coaching while actively engaging in a simulation transforming a transactional service process towards excellence.

Site Visit: Visit Zingerman’s Mail Order and see, first-hand, how they are using the 4Ps and 17 Principles to create and deliver service excellence.

Day 3: People and Culture: Developing a Plan for Your Organization

Theory: Complete the course with a day focused on preparing you to bring service excellence to your organization.

Practice: Create a ‘vision of service excellence’ for your company as well as a plan to begin practicing

Question and Answer Session: Jeff and Karyn will answer your hardest questions about managing the culture change to service excellence.

Masterclass Facilitators

Dr. Jeffrey Liker

Jeffrey Liker is Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan and president of Liker Lean Advisors, LLC–a collection of top-notch lean advisors. He is author of the international best-seller, The Toyota Way and the related books Toyota Way Fieldbook, Toyota Talent, The Toyota Product Development System, Toyota Culture, The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement, and The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership. His newest book (with Karyn Ross) is The Toyota Way to Service Excellence. His articles and books have won thirteen Shingo Prizes. He plays golf, watches football and basketball, and resumed learning classical guitar after a thirty year break. His wife Deb and daughter Emma, support his writing and his son Jesse is his toughest critic and best editor.

Karyn Ross

Karyn is the coauthor of The Toyota Way to Service Excellence: Lean Transformation in Service Organizations. She specializes in teaching organizations how to use creativity in combination with the ground-tested principles and practices of The Toyota Way. This powerful combination enables companies to continuously deliver the peak service experiences that retain current customers and attract new ones.

Although many lean consultants have transferred knowledge from manufacturing, she’s in the unique position of having spent her entire career in lean services. An experienced consultant, highly skilled coach and accomplished lean practitioner, she has successfully taught lean for services across all levels of the organization in service sectors as diverse as financial services, HR, transportation and retail.

Karyn loves to write and have been a regular contributor to Lean Leadership Ways Industry Week Blog and have published articles in The Lean Management Journal and Industrial Engineer magazine. She is also a practicing artist and blogs regularly about creativity and lean on my website:

Workshop Highlights

This immersive workshop is led by world-renowned authors Dr. Jeffrey Liker and Karyn Ross. The workshop incorporates the deep-thinking and theory contained in The Toyota Way to Service Excellence, followed by a unique, practical hands-on simulation, and company visits to demonstrate workshop lessons.

Visit These Ann Arbor Companies

ABOUT MENLO: Interested in gaining a better understanding of The Menlo Way? Come experience Menlo’s joyful and disciplined methodologies on which they’ve built their business culture.  Learn about their pairing practices, open and collaborative workspace, 40 hour work weeks, philosophy of making mistakes faster, High-Tech Anthropology, and more!


ABOUT ZINGERMAN’S: See how lean has been applied to the day to day work first at Zingerman’s Mail Order and increasingly more of the Zingerman’s businesses. Not just for production facilities, Zingerman’s Path to Lean can be successfully applied to services, office operations, training, leadership… just about any aspect of business, or life!

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  • Davies House Inn (Bed and Breakfast) – 734.973.1722

Downtown Hotels

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