Lean from the Beginning – Recruiting/Onboarding into a Lean Environment

Presented By:

Susan Kamacho

Session Abstract:

Developing a Lean culture may have its struggles.  Yet, how do you ensure you are getting the right people on board who will support this culture once it’s developed?  Ensuring you have a method to recruit talent that supports your newfound culture will be critical to the success and sustainability of Lean in your organization.

This workshop will encompass a discussion on critical recruiting/interviewing components to ensure successful candidates are chosen as well as a roadmap of integrating new hires into a Lean culture by utilizing Lean philosophies.  Walk away with a tool box of information to incorporate a Lean culture that starts at the beginning!!

Learning Objectives: 

In this session you will learn …

 – What values are critical to interview for in a Lean culture

 – How to assess a candidate’s ability to continuously improve

 – The importance of visuals in recruiting

 – The failures and successes of others on this journey

 – How onboarding a new hire with Lean tools is imperative for successful integration

About the Facilitator:

Susan Kamacho is the Human Resources Manager at Gemline’s company headquarters in Lawrence, MA.    Susan has been actively engaged in continuous improvement efforts throughout her career, especially from the training and development perspective.  Creating training programs that focus on consistent on-the-job learning activities as well as integrating new skills into the work environment, Susan has observed the results of moving company cultures to strong engagement communities.  By utilizing continuous improvement tools and philosophies, Gemline’s Human Resource Department continues to integrate process and people into an engaged culture.