TWI & Kata Summit EU
19-20 June 2018
Workshops 18 June 2018

The Intersection of TWI & Kata

Lean Frontiers, Inc. introduced the groundbreaking TWI Summit in 2007 and the Kata Summit (KataCon) in 2015. Improvement professionals came from around the globe to meet, share, and learn how to use and deploy TWI & Kata in any organization. Today, Lean Frontiers has partnered with Danish company Business Through People to support companies throughout Europe who are deploying TWI, Kata, and an integrated approach of TWI & Kata together.

Join your colleagues and learn from deep dives into TWI case studies or Kata case studies, with a healthy conversation of the two disciplines working in concert with one another. You’ll also hear keynote presentations from Toyota Kata author Mike Rother, and TWI author Patrick Graupp. See you in Venice! See you at the TWI & Kata Summit Europe!

A Complex World Met with an Improvement Culture

Organizations today face an increasingly complex and changing world. Those who succeed will be the ones who not only survive this new reality, but actually thrive in it. How do you create a workforce agile enough to face any challenge? That’s the purpose of the TWI and Kata Summit Europe… to give you and your organization practical routines and skills to compete, to relentlessly improve and solve problems at all levels, and do so faster than your competition.

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Topics Explored

Training Within Industry

Job Instruction, Job Methods, Job Relations

Intersection of TWI & Kata

Improvement Kata &
Coaching Kata

Lean Coaching

Culture of Improvement

Employee Engagement

Standard Work