TWI & Kata Summit EU
19-20 June 2018
Workshops 18 June 2018

Training Within Industry (TWI)

The TWI Summit is a long-standing conference in North America, and through a partnership between Lean Frontiers and Business Through People, a new Summit will meet Europe’s growing demand for this simple, yet powerful, workforce development program. Now the TWI Summit Europe will help countless companies to engage their workforce in meaningful ways, combining the best of lean, TWI, Kata, and other improvement methodologies.

Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata

Are you an Improvement Kata or Coaching Kata practitioner… or would you like to be? Organizers of the annual Global Kata Summit bring to Europe a taste of KataCon Global! There are exciting things happening with Kata in companies, Kata in classrooms, and Kata at home. Come hear what your fellow Kata Colleagues are doing, because the Kata Community is a Sharing Community.

The Summit emphasizes the practical, straight from those who practice Kata, so that you can integrate IK/CK routines into your teams and organizations. This conference goes beyond concepts and will provide one of the most effective tools for teaching the IK, known as “Kata in the Classroom.”

A Complex World Met with a Problem Solving Culture

Organizations today face an increasingly complex and changing world. Those who succeed will be the ones who not only survive this new reality, but actually thrive in it.

How do you create a workforce agile enough to face any challenge? That’s the purpose of the TWI and Kata Summit Europe… to give you and your organization practical routines and skills to compete, to solve problems and all levels, and do so faster than your competition.

Join the world’s top thought leaders as you explore the proven routines of TWI and Kata. Learn how to create a workforce of relentless problem solvers. Create a culture that thrives in the unclear territory between current and future states. Learn from individuals and organizations who have achieved various levels of success in this journey of improvement. See you at the TWI & Kata Summit Europe.

TWI & Kata Summit Europe
19-20 June 2018
Optional Workshops 18 June 2018

Topics Explored

Training Within Industry

Job Instruction, Job Methods, Job Relations

Intersection of TWI & Kata

Improvement Kata &
Coaching Kata

Lean Coaching

Culture of Improvement

Employee Engagement

Standard Work